Friday, December 17, 2010

Larry Kings last show

Im not sure I have ever seen anything like it. Celebrities seemingly almost compelled to come out in support of another retiring celeb. just weird.

Regis picking on Trump. Bill Maher and Ryan Secrest jockeying for attention. Brian Williams picking on Barbara Walters about Star Jones. It was all so cannibalistic. Just odd.
Did they pass the baton on to Oprah?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Russians are f%&n CRAZY!

lol, so many people...


Why are all the insiders selling?



The authorities want all you morons to think hyperinflation is on the way...

Because if you retards figured out that hyperdeflation is would stop trying to obtain more and more and more...and instead try and protect what you have.

On the way up it's they who obtain the most who win...but on the way down it's they who lose the least that win.

You all will continue trying to obtain yields well past the point where you need to stop and protect what you have.

The vast majority of you clowns will be wiped out to the point you won't be able to sustain an Internet connection.

You all have not been exposed to significant suffering yet.

but she is soooo amazing


I really hate Jay Z

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Like a brain massage.

Put on some headphones.Push play, and then sit back, close your eyes. Breath through your nose, and focus on those breaths.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

old guard

It seems like our entire country is being flushed. The old guard that brought us to this point are still in control. A business, or too big to fail. The pilots that initiated the nosedive are still in control. Just sad everyone suffers for their ego.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gave up Facebook

At first i liked it. I could post things I found important very quickly, and I assumed to a greater audience. It just depressed me. I found the thoughts most of my friends posted to be so banal, I ended up hiding them. Im sure I was hidden by a few also.

To me what your making for dinner, or a car you want to buy isnt important. It just proves that nothing has really changed. People running around conspicuously consuming, and everyone hitting the "like" button, or some glib comment like they really care.

There are real problems facing our country, facing the gloriously inattentive people that dont see what's ahead.

So I quit facebook. Its just a marketing tool anyway. Your information is being sold so the shiny new things you so crave can be efficiently dangled in your face. I will miss hearing about it all.

Im going to attempt a post everyday.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


There is a cliff near this country, and this woman and others are going to push us off. a VAT, or Value Added Tax is a 20% tax on everything. that will kill this country.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I like this

Focus on the positive and know that 1 human soul is stronger then a thousand superman's. If you only knew what a soul really is and how powerful your subconscious can become, do not let this biological temporal cage hold you down, this 3D world has placed limits and bars all around you, the adversaries have placed traps all around you with cheese in your face hoping you'll bite. Do not fall for it, stay positive in all things and learn how to react in all negative situations, always stay positive regardless of the situation your faced with, learn to focus on that energy within which is positive and goodness/love, that is coming from higher dimensions and should be released from within you.

Use this energy to assist in defeating world problems and negativity.

If you are determined and focused on this energy all negative entities are powerless against you by law, do not be afraid of such entities if you ever do encounter them, such forces will try to scare you that is the only tool they have against you but they cannot defeat you in the same way that you cannot force two opposite ends of a magnet together. Negative and positive cannot blend, you will have the upper hand on all negative adversaries standing against you, they cannot withstand your field of energy. This is a law that cannot be changed or broken, all dark and negative forces are bound to it, if you hold negative within you these entities have power to stick with you like glue and can overcome you at an encounter.

Clear your conscious by telling the truth to people if you have kept something hidden. Be honest with everyone in all things to the best of your ability and judgment. Hold nothing on your chest or over your shoulder, release all negative energy.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Changed sides.

Im making a decision to leave the longest commitment of my life. Im no longer rooting for the Buc's first in my heart.

Crazy to care enough to post about it? Maybe.

I have posted all the reasons here. Ignore some of the comments. I would feel the same way. But i am sincere.

So i am rooting for the jets. Not because of anything they have done in the offseason. Because they still have pride as a team. I can be a fan, and enjoy it.

At its simplist. Its about ownership. They are taking from the fans, and not putting any money into the team. That wont change.

Time for a change.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

spot on

so in summary look for the shit to hit the fan when yields on 10 -4 year T bills start to rise above a possible blip, and when the S&P falls below 1150.

He doesnt mention this outright, but I think you can infer a point. He says that a socialist state cant service debt by raising taxes and producing GDP. No one makes anything to be taxed when they are all on the dole.

crazy shit

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heard it here first.



Here's a War with China.


I had a bumper sticker on my truck that read "Thanks for WW2, DIE ALREADY" created a little stir. I didnt really mean to offend anyone, I wanted them to think about the veterans who died. We do on Veterans and Memorial day, but no one really cares. I do. I think its sad that average people are paid a pittance to die. For what?

Dont be manipulated into blindly supporting another War. Its all bullshit. The whole rationale for any war is bullshit.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow job.

Watching the first, and not arguably hottest downhill womans slalom winner, Lindsey Von. I was struck watching her talk about he win, and accept praise from her husband.

Are the Olympics anti gay? She is awesome, but gay. So is her husband.

I think the majority of Olympic athletes are gay. Almost like speeed skaters and skiers are the last bastion of gay athletes.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Great vid

I personally like Will Smith, and think his movies are good clean fun. Im not usually into this kind of psychobabbal, but someone told me to watch it.

There is astonishing depth to what he has to say. It left me immpressed.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fucking sad

sad. Its a jets fan being arrested at an away game when the jets won. None of the Chargers fans are mad or even laughing. They are saying the security's treatment is wrong. Wrong? OMG fuck yeah.