Monday, March 30, 2009

Hope the bottom doesnt happen while im away!

Im going to the Outer Banks NC for a week or so.

replacing this
with this
have a nice two weeks!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bond, worthless bond 009

Everyone talks about the stock market, the Dow Jones. They have no idea what it is though. ITs a composite "price" of the 30 dow components price with a multiplyer. Cant remember what that number is.

No one ever talks of the Standard and Poors 500. This is a vastly more important market.

But I have never heard anyone talk about Bonds. And the bond market is by far, much more important. For one its much bigger, and it is in control.

The TV keeps telling me we have seen the bottom, but its not really. Because the bond market is starting to slow. Our country is spending and incurring vast debt to get us out of our situation. That is paid for with money we borrow, from other more frugal goverments. Treasury bonds are considered the safest investment out there, but we keep selling and selling more. what happens if no one buys them? That cute little market everyone loves to talk about? the do? It will tank.

Caveat emptor.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wish someone had the balls to talk to Obama like this!

The US and the UK are in similar situations. Both "vessels" are in disrepair, and sailing into a squall. A few differences though. We have a populist president that does everything he can, in the elites favor.

Also the british have a bit more division between parties than our congress has. I want to see a republican talk like this to Obama, not act political hoping to turn around the dems majority.

also, the peoples are different. compare and contrast the fans at a "football" game.
The brits get fucking drunk and violent while we get drunk and fall asleep. we are just different.If they dont like what the goverment is doing, they get drunk and violent. we get drunk and fall asleep.

Not advocating violence by the way. The only fight you win is the one you never have. But we are getting fucked right now, all under the guise of "drastic action to pull us out of this recession".

thats jargon for wealth shift.

investors, read other countries have stopped buying gilts .

for the first time ever!

USTB's cant be far behind.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tastes better if you eat some asparagus.

I am one of the few people in this area that drinks the tap water. I do, I like it. Everyone else is out there paying 2 bucks a gallon, or more.

What would you do if there was a temporary water shortage?

Everyone talks about food, but you can live months without food.
(insert tom you could live years joke here)

Its less than a week without water, and you kick the empty bucket. But before that its a painful death.

just a thought.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dagger to the heart

we are FUCKED!

Thats other countries leaving us and the dollar in a death spiral.

Go out and buy shit!!!!!!

(Quick note, if you find the red text hard to read like my dad, right click and copy highlight it)

What the hell was Obama doing on the Jay Leno Show?

He was selling more shit. Did you see when he reached for the wrong coffee cup? Jay practically slapped it out of his hand. too funny
Now I supported him before he was the candidate. I made phone calls to voters in other states. I donated money.

I am officially off the hope train. This guy is as vapid as the last one, albiet easier to listen too.

You see the problem is he HAS to read everything he says. Cant he speak off the cuff?

He looks at his teleprompter more than he looks at his wife and kids.

You ask, whats the big deal? All the presidents did.

They all did for the state of the union or some equally big speech. But this man has everything he says spoon fed. His teleprompter is so smart it has its own BLOG!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

best explanation of credit crisis I have seen

Credit crisis visualized part 1

Credit crisis visualized part 2

whats for dinner tomorrow?

I have been going on and on about how bleak the future is,and one shrill woman told me I was crazy. Well I asumed I would hear it, Im a bit I guess.

But it is bad, and only a true fool cant see it.

California is periously close to complete collapse. People living in tent cities. Tax riots. Supermarkets closing. Its bad out there, and the people are leaving, "Go east my son!"

One guy the other day said"well, tom if you didnt look at all the economists out there saying negative things, and looked at te economists using data... blah blah"

He is right, we are being told its going to turn around. But what else do they say?

Bertrand Russel is one of my favorite people to have ever lived. Some of his quotes are my favorite. Google, therefore all progress for the best. so I give you his christmas turkey allegory. I hate having turkey at X mas, I prefer ham. lol

Consider the case of Bertrand Russell's Inductivist Turkey

"The turkey found that, on his first morning at the turkey farm, that he was fed at 9 a.m. Being a good inductivist turkey he did not jump to conclusions. He waited until he collected a large number of observations that he was fed at 9 a.m. and made these observations under a wide range of circumstances, on Wednesdays, on Thursdays, on cold days, on warm days. Each day he added another observation statement to his list. Finally he was satisfied that he had collected a number of observation statements to inductively infer that ``I am always fed at 9 a.m.''. However on the morning of Christmas eve he was not fed but instead had his throat cut.''

what would an economist say? they dont know any better than to think growth. But guess what, we are not going to see growth for a long time. And with no growth, our debt is going to become an anchor...that soaks up water.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Greener Grass...Its important in life to reach
out, to strive for greater achievements, to go for that greener grass that is on the other side of the fence. But one must also be careful

Sometimes you can reach too far!

But when you find yourself over-extended and you're stuck in a situation that you can't get out of, there is one thing you should always remember.......


thanks Lifeboat !

Saturday, March 7, 2009

very interesting

If you have some time, this guy is fascinating. Thanks Chris Cavallo for pointing me in his direction.

Confessions of a economic hitman part 1

Confessions of a economic hitman part 2

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just dont get it

Why arent people paying attention to the collapse in our society?

This economic downturn is similar to the great depression in many ways.But there are marked differences also.

Bad ones.

Just paid my verizon bill, and it was pretty pricey. Glad im not one of the 4.4 million people out of work. 4.4 million people that arent paying their cell phone, Directv, internet, etc., bills.

Thats a econonmic downturn in and of itself, when it hits. Takes a bit of time for people to stop. But people will pick cigs, beer, and food over Tv. People back in '29 didnt have all of these other draws on their paycheck.

And why are companies raising rates on services right now? Why is our state raising taxes right now? Notice all the cars being pulled over lately? In order to raise revenue, the state is trying to collect fines.

Every family used to have a pantry. Many even had livestock. None of that anymore, well people like that are in a minority. The average grocery store has a 3 day supply of food. If the trucks arent rolling, you are starving.

Also, people then had a multitude of skills. Not anymore. Whens the last time you chopped a piece of wood? sewed something? built a fire? People are lazy and stupid relative to those folks in the 1920's.

How many tools do you have? We surround ourselves with all this modern shit, but how much is trulry usefull in a broad sense?

I just dont get it. Why isnt anything being done? why arent people talking about this? seems like people want it to fail.

It is going to get bad, really bad, before it gets better.

wow, so succinct

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

when the chips are down...

These "civilized" people eat each other.

Think that is a great little clip.

Hold on loosely, but dont let go. If you cling too tightly, your gonna...


A scary scary gamble.

One of the few men speaking the truth.