Friday, March 20, 2009

Go out and buy shit!!!!!!

(Quick note, if you find the red text hard to read like my dad, right click and copy highlight it)

What the hell was Obama doing on the Jay Leno Show?

He was selling more shit. Did you see when he reached for the wrong coffee cup? Jay practically slapped it out of his hand. too funny
Now I supported him before he was the candidate. I made phone calls to voters in other states. I donated money.

I am officially off the hope train. This guy is as vapid as the last one, albiet easier to listen too.

You see the problem is he HAS to read everything he says. Cant he speak off the cuff?

He looks at his teleprompter more than he looks at his wife and kids.

You ask, whats the big deal? All the presidents did.

They all did for the state of the union or some equally big speech. But this man has everything he says spoon fed. His teleprompter is so smart it has its own BLOG!

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