Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dow will drop to 3000

A guy, I think thats in the know just put that up on his website. The dow dropping to 3000? Holy fuck. At this point, at the very least, we all know its going to happen. We just dont want to think about it.

I found this snippit HERE

When Henry Paulson became the Secretary of the Treasury in May, 2006, so that he would not have a conflict of interest, he personally had to sell $492 million in Goldman-Sachs stock and options. But because he sold it to become a public servant, he was not required to pay any income or tax penalties. Just for round numbers, a 28% tax rate on $492 million comes to $55 million per year for the 30 months that he served as Secretary of the Treasury. Although this was indirect (ie: keeping what otherwise would have been paid in taxes) it essentially makes him the highest paid government official ever.... and it was all legal. And to ensure his stint was limited to only 30 months, he had to do a really, really crappy job so Obama would not want him... and that Henry Paulson also did exceptionally well.

Pretty crazy shit. We are getting fucked here folks. Thay dont care about us. They are getting their affairs in order before TSHTF.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

the Man SAYS ITS bad!

it is bad folks!!!!!!!!


Pay attention. This is a guy that understands money like you understand fucking oreo's, or the channels on your TV. This guy knows how EVERYTHING works. He says the markets have "broken down".

George might be wrong. I hope so

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Think about one thing that could happen in our country that would totally derail any hope we have of reclaiming our self indulgent, shallow lives.

You know what it is? I dont want it to happen. But Im afraid. We are on the edge of an abyss, and a dramatic political move could push us over. I hope for everyones sake Im wrong.

Hope Im wrong

Sunday, February 15, 2009

2008 World Press Photo

This is the pic of the year for 2008. It is a picture taken by a TIME reporter, and at first glance looks like a war or crime photo.

Its a cop making sure the people that previously lived in this house, had left after forclosure.

pretty fucking sad.

Great show on CNBC last night, "House of Cards". Completely explains the entire subprime mess. Basically says we have pissed away all the equity in our property on cheap trinkets made in Taiwan.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sobering fucking shit!

This guy has predicted how things will happen for over 20 years.

First a video to show he isnt some crack pot.

and his scary, scary prediction about our future.

Now I love ice in my scotch, cold beer, and dental care. I am not the type to be alarmist. But Im scared for people, and my way of life. Listen to what this guy says. Better to be scared and wrong, then optimistic and wrong.

"Optimism is the content of small men in high places"

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Winter Carnival in SL, and I hate people.

This dude is my favorite funny mad in the world. He was so damn funny in the movie, "The Heartbreak kid", and pretty good in "Tropic Thunder". His name is Danny McBride, and he is going to be super famous eventually.


Mugger gets ass beat

Gravity can be kind to tits

Seriously, no one else thinks we are FUCKED!?

Winter Carnival. Good for the economy, bad in general. Sad that we are so remote, and have so little as a area to offer, that we have an event revolving around drinking. I mean, Im all for drinking. I love drinking. But we attract some real mongoloids. 100 years ago the word carnival was a positive one, now I associate it with a transient freak show.

I mean each drink has to lower a persons IQ, functionally not chronically(I hope), to some degree. The average person is starting out at 110. Say each drink averages out to 5 points, over the course of 10, the last having more impact then the first, most people are basically retarded. Put a bunch together, and group think lowers those numbers further.

God knows we need the money. The area is suffering. I might look back at this weekend, and wish we had more drinkers.

Friday, February 13, 2009

so funny

Bob gets a new color!

Not a Bill fan of Will's, but this actually could be a neat movie.

I read an interesting article today. It had a great line, "Rome didnt fall, it was outsourced."

Every single thing I read lately, is about outsourcing. Accenture and other companies like it, are being paid by other companies to find cheap labor. This company in particular, is based out of Barbados, and they dont pay any taxes. They made something like 25 billion dollars last year, finding companies cheap labor. Thats a ton of money, therefore it must be a ton of jobs gone. I would think so.

So, no jobs. Not a big deal. We can all be supported by the goverment. Well if no one is paying taxes, sans job. No tax revenue. And the biggest companies arent making any money here. They are making and getting taxed there.

So no tax revenue. We can tax the super rich. right? No they already left. Took the money and run, ho ho ho.

So what is left? Nothing. Sadly, we are done in by the very philosophy we have idolized for years.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get out of the Market

they might be fools, but they know how to steal like street urchins.

Bob bell changed his hair color!

Here are two pics from the wind farm in Brainardsville, New York. It is worth the drive. Its near Malone, and it is really impressive.

This is looking straight up at the blades. It's really unnerving watching the HUGE blades turn from this vantage point.

My truck parked near the base to give you a sense of scale.