Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dow will drop to 3000

A guy, I think thats in the know just put that up on his website. The dow dropping to 3000? Holy fuck. At this point, at the very least, we all know its going to happen. We just dont want to think about it.

I found this snippit HERE

When Henry Paulson became the Secretary of the Treasury in May, 2006, so that he would not have a conflict of interest, he personally had to sell $492 million in Goldman-Sachs stock and options. But because he sold it to become a public servant, he was not required to pay any income or tax penalties. Just for round numbers, a 28% tax rate on $492 million comes to $55 million per year for the 30 months that he served as Secretary of the Treasury. Although this was indirect (ie: keeping what otherwise would have been paid in taxes) it essentially makes him the highest paid government official ever.... and it was all legal. And to ensure his stint was limited to only 30 months, he had to do a really, really crappy job so Obama would not want him... and that Henry Paulson also did exceptionally well.

Pretty crazy shit. We are getting fucked here folks. Thay dont care about us. They are getting their affairs in order before TSHTF.

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