Friday, December 17, 2010

Larry Kings last show

Im not sure I have ever seen anything like it. Celebrities seemingly almost compelled to come out in support of another retiring celeb. just weird.

Regis picking on Trump. Bill Maher and Ryan Secrest jockeying for attention. Brian Williams picking on Barbara Walters about Star Jones. It was all so cannibalistic. Just odd.
Did they pass the baton on to Oprah?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Russians are f%&n CRAZY!

lol, so many people...


Why are all the insiders selling?



The authorities want all you morons to think hyperinflation is on the way...

Because if you retards figured out that hyperdeflation is would stop trying to obtain more and more and more...and instead try and protect what you have.

On the way up it's they who obtain the most who win...but on the way down it's they who lose the least that win.

You all will continue trying to obtain yields well past the point where you need to stop and protect what you have.

The vast majority of you clowns will be wiped out to the point you won't be able to sustain an Internet connection.

You all have not been exposed to significant suffering yet.

but she is soooo amazing


I really hate Jay Z

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Like a brain massage.

Put on some headphones.Push play, and then sit back, close your eyes. Breath through your nose, and focus on those breaths.