Friday, January 30, 2009

A fine Friday

Part of the Problem? Had to put the cartoon in.

Bad news doesnt travel fast in this country anymore. It used to be the whole family would huddle around the radio, and brace for a message of impending disaster. We dont brace at all anymore, hell we dont even listen.

The internet is replacing newspapers across the country, but not a soul reads the news online. Instead we send virulent e mails around, a majority of which are pure propaganda, and feel like we are involved.

The TV has become a on demand venue, with people recording every episode of "Cheers", because , yes they are that lonely. Many people watch the news after dinner, but whats that really worth? You watch a half hour of over produced, tittilation whilst all the blood has drained out of your brain to digest your Schauns cordon bleu. Practically in a coma.

So how do people get information? Word of mouth? Probably about it. But what good is what your neighbor says, if he learns it from the guy selling lotto tickets at Stewarts?

Nobody is paying attention. One elucidating show on TV, Meet The Press, gets a 3% share of sunday morning viewing.In these troubled times, no one cares. Not even while drinking coffee on a day with little to do.

This country is out to lunch. As Dave Matthews says, "We can't do a thing about it. Too many choices, hey yeah. It's a typical situation in these typical times. Too many choices."

Everyone is washing their car, or making their lawn look better than the jones' lawn. No one cares about the direction of this country. Our culture has been adrift for years. We had more paris hilton, than Condi Rice. US weekly is soon going to surpass Newsweek, in circulation. I mean at which point are people going to stop caring about stupid shit? When there isnt enough food? When MRSA infection is rampant?

What will the trigger be?

I ask all of you. Read the news a half hour a day. The more you pay attention, the more you have to care.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Blog

This is something I have wanted to do for awhile. I wanted to write a great blog, entirely unlike all those fucking saps out there blogging about their personal lives. Who gives a fuck how anyone feels about anything? Let me read your diary, or look at your bank statements. That's some good shit, not this overfed, over indulged, I float through life coddled like Terry Shiavo, BULLSHIT. Yeah I hate Blogs.

I'm going to draw your attention to a freak show. A circus of debauchery and specious explanations. The world. I want you to see that this culture is failing. Greed, ignorance, and malaise are all tuning up for a symphony of failure.

I also want to shock you out of your cocoon of NBC nightly news, with Winston Smith. I want to disgust you. And hopefully make you laugh. Not that laugh you pull out for the people you work or live with. But a real laugh. A visceral laugh, mean in nature.

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