Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Blog

This is something I have wanted to do for awhile. I wanted to write a great blog, entirely unlike all those fucking saps out there blogging about their personal lives. Who gives a fuck how anyone feels about anything? Let me read your diary, or look at your bank statements. That's some good shit, not this overfed, over indulged, I float through life coddled like Terry Shiavo, BULLSHIT. Yeah I hate Blogs.

I'm going to draw your attention to a freak show. A circus of debauchery and specious explanations. The world. I want you to see that this culture is failing. Greed, ignorance, and malaise are all tuning up for a symphony of failure.

I also want to shock you out of your cocoon of NBC nightly news, with Winston Smith. I want to disgust you. And hopefully make you laugh. Not that laugh you pull out for the people you work or live with. But a real laugh. A visceral laugh, mean in nature.

Video of the day

I mean isn't that some shocking shit?

Noon Read

Thanks for WW2, hurry up and Die

Yes, AL EL, do you have any flights LEAVING today?

Sometimes I wished they had all died

Random Links


Not so sad NSFW

Queefing Beauty

Makes me laugh, hard NSFW

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