Thursday, April 23, 2009

I dont know what to say

I feel pretty bad for a lot of people. Out of work, out of hope. Deluded by our government, our media. What is the future?

I think if you watched the videos I posted in my last blog post, you would agree its pretty bleak.

The videos themselves are dire in the content shown, but optimistic in our future. I agree with martin about many things, but especially that this is the best time in history to be alive. I think as humans we are meant to be challenged, prodded, and stressed. That's what we thrive on. But as life is now, that animal inside people has gone to sleep. Just happy to eat, drink, and talk about bland shit. Not me. I want competition, stress, intrigue, fighting, stimulation, fear. I want to live the movie genres in real life. Not a glancing "feel" in a warm movie theater. I don't want an ephemeral high, or a momentary shot of adrenaline. I want life to be more interesting.

Its going to be. soon.

Monday, April 20, 2009

If you are an adult, you have to be responsible, and watch this guys video.


Not sure if I have ever been exposed to something as profound,yet simply explained in my life, as this "Crash Course" video.

This guy is a national hero for his work, and he didnt make Ben Affleck money for making it. This is really really important info, and I suggest you send the link to everyone you know.

Things re going to change folks. Prepare for the future, its right around the corner.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fuck al gore.

India and china are coming online and are gonna burn every ounce of coal they can dig out of the ground or export. So if one person gives me shit about driving my truck on the ever eroding beach, im gonna slap them. Al Gore left his lights on during earth. All of them. Even the 50 lighting his landscaping.

we stopped at gettysburg for a few hours. I have been before, but I saw it quite differently this time.

Interesting to have a statue of Lincoln pointing out the Masonic lodge to a wayward soul.(look above Abe's head)

Fucking creepy.

So we got out of there and then we drove to the outer banks. we have a campsite next to the ocean dunes. ocean is loud as hell.

today we went south frome waves, on Hatteras Island, and took the ferry over to ockercoke. was neat.

on way back I took a few pics of truck on sand. Was exhilirating to drive along ocean, sometimes waves splashing over truck. really fun.

Lynn searched for seashells and I just drove around ;)

here is a video of me creating a riot at a breadline, while waiting for ferry.

time for bed