Friday, February 13, 2009

so funny

Bob gets a new color!

Not a Bill fan of Will's, but this actually could be a neat movie.

I read an interesting article today. It had a great line, "Rome didnt fall, it was outsourced."

Every single thing I read lately, is about outsourcing. Accenture and other companies like it, are being paid by other companies to find cheap labor. This company in particular, is based out of Barbados, and they dont pay any taxes. They made something like 25 billion dollars last year, finding companies cheap labor. Thats a ton of money, therefore it must be a ton of jobs gone. I would think so.

So, no jobs. Not a big deal. We can all be supported by the goverment. Well if no one is paying taxes, sans job. No tax revenue. And the biggest companies arent making any money here. They are making and getting taxed there.

So no tax revenue. We can tax the super rich. right? No they already left. Took the money and run, ho ho ho.

So what is left? Nothing. Sadly, we are done in by the very philosophy we have idolized for years.


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