Saturday, February 14, 2009

Winter Carnival in SL, and I hate people.

This dude is my favorite funny mad in the world. He was so damn funny in the movie, "The Heartbreak kid", and pretty good in "Tropic Thunder". His name is Danny McBride, and he is going to be super famous eventually.


Mugger gets ass beat

Gravity can be kind to tits

Seriously, no one else thinks we are FUCKED!?

Winter Carnival. Good for the economy, bad in general. Sad that we are so remote, and have so little as a area to offer, that we have an event revolving around drinking. I mean, Im all for drinking. I love drinking. But we attract some real mongoloids. 100 years ago the word carnival was a positive one, now I associate it with a transient freak show.

I mean each drink has to lower a persons IQ, functionally not chronically(I hope), to some degree. The average person is starting out at 110. Say each drink averages out to 5 points, over the course of 10, the last having more impact then the first, most people are basically retarded. Put a bunch together, and group think lowers those numbers further.

God knows we need the money. The area is suffering. I might look back at this weekend, and wish we had more drinkers.


Anonymous said...

kar sem iskal, hvala

thomas saranacas said...

Hide, you locked up, douche bag bastard.