Friday, March 6, 2009

Just dont get it

Why arent people paying attention to the collapse in our society?

This economic downturn is similar to the great depression in many ways.But there are marked differences also.

Bad ones.

Just paid my verizon bill, and it was pretty pricey. Glad im not one of the 4.4 million people out of work. 4.4 million people that arent paying their cell phone, Directv, internet, etc., bills.

Thats a econonmic downturn in and of itself, when it hits. Takes a bit of time for people to stop. But people will pick cigs, beer, and food over Tv. People back in '29 didnt have all of these other draws on their paycheck.

And why are companies raising rates on services right now? Why is our state raising taxes right now? Notice all the cars being pulled over lately? In order to raise revenue, the state is trying to collect fines.

Every family used to have a pantry. Many even had livestock. None of that anymore, well people like that are in a minority. The average grocery store has a 3 day supply of food. If the trucks arent rolling, you are starving.

Also, people then had a multitude of skills. Not anymore. Whens the last time you chopped a piece of wood? sewed something? built a fire? People are lazy and stupid relative to those folks in the 1920's.

How many tools do you have? We surround ourselves with all this modern shit, but how much is trulry usefull in a broad sense?

I just dont get it. Why isnt anything being done? why arent people talking about this? seems like people want it to fail.

It is going to get bad, really bad, before it gets better.

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