Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wish someone had the balls to talk to Obama like this!

The US and the UK are in similar situations. Both "vessels" are in disrepair, and sailing into a squall. A few differences though. We have a populist president that does everything he can, in the elites favor.

Also the british have a bit more division between parties than our congress has. I want to see a republican talk like this to Obama, not act political hoping to turn around the dems majority.

also, the peoples are different. compare and contrast the fans at a "football" game.
The brits get fucking drunk and violent while we get drunk and fall asleep. we are just different.If they dont like what the goverment is doing, they get drunk and violent. we get drunk and fall asleep.

Not advocating violence by the way. The only fight you win is the one you never have. But we are getting fucked right now, all under the guise of "drastic action to pull us out of this recession".

thats jargon for wealth shift.

investors, read other countries have stopped buying gilts .

for the first time ever!

USTB's cant be far behind.

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