Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big day

as Zero Hedge, the best source of news online , puts it,

"One picture is worth a thousand propaganda machines"

Big day it is. Your going to hear all about the Stress Tests on the news tonight. How they have shown most banks to have enough money, and a few to be solid. How this is a signal that the end of the recession is around the corner.
Its all a fabrication. Dont trust me?

Watch this little worm speak, and really listen to what he says. Look for things like "end of uncertainty" followed by "status of some banks uncertain".

all kinds of BS like that. They know your not paying attention, they can say whatever they want!

You also have the Bond market auctions today.
Look for yourself
Lets say you need money, from a friend or a bank. save the whole subprime mess, your friend and or a bank will assess how well you will be able to pay it back.

so, "hey bud, can I borrow a 20?" Bud thinks it over, "sure." its only twenty bucks. Now fast forward years later, and you have borrowed 2 trillion dollars. 2 trillion dollars is a stack of 100 $ bills 140 miles tall by the way. You say hey bud, can I borrow 20, but instead of that nice house you used to live in, you live in a trailer. you pocketing that cash? no.

and if we cant sell a 30 year treasury, we will be lucky to live in trailers.
We need to borrow money. We dont make anything here. And thats why those jobs are never coming back.

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