Saturday, October 3, 2009


This is a chart realeased by the BLS, they revised job losses in the month of march by 824,000! Imagine if that number had been released in march? We would all be eating ramen noodles. But our goverment made a boo boo, they didnt intentionally mislead us.

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mannfm11 said...

It is my understanding they won't incorporate this revision into the actual statistics until January. Could be they have been postponing 10% for when the forecasters said it would happen. I have known people who have been trying to expose the IMF for years. They contend the US is run by the IMF already. I got your link off Hypertiger. HT is right, as most people are brain damaged. Just the fact they could now parade this guy out with talk like this is evidence that the general population is brain damaged. He said NWO 3 times in a row. This was all planned by Alger Hiss at the end of the war. UN, IMF, Bretton Woods, World Bank. All for the purpose of looting the US of its wealth.