Monday, May 16, 2011


4/20/11 Hartford, Connecticut (transformer fire and power outage) [link to] 

4/20/11 Marion, North Carolina (transformer explodes at Duke Energy substation causes outage) [link to] 

4/21/11 North Manchester, New Hampshire (transformer fire) [link to] 

4/23/11 Palm Beach, Florida (transformer overheats in club) [link to] 

4/24/11 North Platte, Nebraska (blown transformer) [link to] 

4/24/11 Petaluma, California (blown transformer causes fire) [link to] 

4/26/11 Frederick, Maryland (transformer fire) [link to] 

4/27/11 North Canton, Ohio (transformer malfunction causes building fire) [link to] 

4/28/11 Meriden, Connecticut (transformer fire in apartment) [link to] 

4/30/11 Newark, New Jersey (transformer fire at Seton University) [link to] 

5/4/11 Torrington, Connecticut (transformer fire causes power outage) [link to] 

5/4/11 Ridgewood, New Jersey (blown transformer) [link to] 

5/5/11 Topeka, Kansas (blown transformer causes power outages at three schools) [link to] 

5/5/11 and 5/13/11 Bathinda, Punjab, India (burned transformers) [link to] 

5/6/11 Shelton, Connecticut (overheated transformer at high school) [link to] 

5/9/11 Champaign, Illinois (transformer failure) [link to] 

5/9/11 Bryan, Texas (blown transformer causes fire) [link to] 

5/10/11 Kanpur City, Uttar Pradesh, India (transformer catches fire, burns down 10-15 shops) [link to] 

5/10/11 Snellville, Georgia (exploded transformer in flames) [link to] 

5/10/11 St. George, Utah (transformer causes power outage) [link to] 

5/10/11 Oak Grove, Oregon (transformer fire) [link to] 

5/12/11 Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada (transformer causes power outage) [link to] 

5/12/11 Sumter, South Carolina (blown transformer at elementary school) [link to] 

5/12/11 Fort Worth, Texas (lightning storm exploding transformers) [link to] 

5/12/11 Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin (exploded transformer at factory) [link to] 

5/12/11 Deatsville, Alabama (transformer fire at Alabama Power substation) [link to] 

5/12/11 Houston, Texas (blown transformers - check out the "fireworks/swamp gas"-like explanation) [link to] 

5/12/11 Wilmington, Delaware (transformer problem causes outage) [link to] 

5/12/11 Sandy Springs, Georgia (transformer fire at Georgia Power substation) [link to] 

5/13/11 Piney Point, Maryland (transformer explodes at a campground) [link to] 

5/13/11 Las Vegas, Nevada (exploded transformer behind casinos) [link to] 

5/13/11 Ukiah, California (Medical Center transformer power outage) (search Google -in Ukiah Daily Journal)

5/14/11 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (transformer causes power outage that "sounded like an explosion") [link to] 

5/14/11 Hillcrest, New Zealand (transformer erupts in flames) [link to] 

5/14/11 New City, New York [NOT New YORK City] (power outage due to transformer) [link to] 

5/14/11 Wentzville, Missouri (transformer fire trips tornado sirens) [link to] 

5/15/11 Karachi, Pakistan (transformer on pole causes power outage) [link to] 

5/15/11 Dixon, California (transformer explodes) [link to] 

5/15/11 Grand Rapids, Michigan (transformer fire in apartment) [link to] 

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