Tuesday, July 28, 2009

they cut my credit card up right in front of my FUCKING EYES!!!!!!!

This is the shit starting to hit the fan. refer below to ALL the treasury auctions this week. Today's auction?

The $42 billion 2 year note auction closed earlier and was a disappointment:
- Yields 1.080% vs. Exp. 1.058%- B/c 2.75 vs. Avg. 2.95 (Prev. 3.19)- Indirect bids 33% vs. Avg. 50.69% (Prev. 68.86%)- Allotted at high 21.59% (BBG)

the yield is going to keep going up. This is a 2 year note. short term. whats the yield going to do in 30 year treasuries? long term debt is not at all attractive to investors.

yield is what we pay annually on amount borrowed.

Bid to call is basically ratio of number of people that bid ,in an auction on the notes.

Indirect bids is basically foreign interest in OUR debt.

check out this article:

so you see. There is less and less interest in loaning us money, while we are running up HUGE deficits like 375 % of our GDP! and they are lying to us about it. The yields WE pay HAVE to keep going up, and the prices THEY pay keep going down. We are begging for money now.

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