Thursday, July 23, 2009


Oh My......

Let's see if I can count this up....

70 day CMBs, $30 billion (tomorrow)
13 week Bills, $32 billion (July 27th)
26 week Bills, $31 billion (July 27th)
52 week Bills, $27 billion (July 28th)
2 year Notes, $42 billion (July 28th)
5 year Notes, $39 billion (July 29th)
7 year Notes, $28 billion (July 30th)
19 year, 6 month TIPS (reopened), $6 billion (July 27th)

That's two hundred thirty-five billion dollars over the next week!

we start failing to sell our debt, we are screwed. Interest rates go up and basically unsold houses rot. Nothing will be built and a strong period of deflaion will eventually turn into profound inflation.

stole most of this from Market Watch

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